Install energy efficient LED lighting and upgrade energy technologies with a no upfront cost option

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Replacing interior inefficient Metal-halide with LED upgrade lighting technology saves 60% energy costs by reducing lighting power demand while improving light. Upgrading is easy, fast and affordable with utility rebates.

StarLight Energy Concepts, LLC offers programs to help companies improve energy efficiency by reducing power consumption and its associated operating costs.  We deliver a full service turnkey program that includes auditing your facility to identify energy saving opportunities.  This includes an analysis of potential equipment retrofits, replacements and upgrades.

We complete the process by identifying additional opportunities to qualify for various utility energy incentives and tax deduction benefits. Specifically Abandonment deductions and 179D EPAct. 

 Save money from your electric bill and vastly improve to LED lighting for a brighter crisp uniform light for increase employee morale.

Replacing exterior inefficient Metal-halide with LED upgrade lighting technology saves 60% energy cost, provides bright, crisp, uniform light. Companies sweeping across america to improve curbside appeal.

StarLight Energy Concepts, LLC takes a holistic approach to helping our customers find opportunities to reduce energy demand by:

1) Analyzing power consumption usage patterns.

2) Determine efficient LED and equipment upgrades and operational adjustments to help reduce power consumption.

3) Recommend solutions tailored to your facility and reduce operating costs. 

4) Offer no upfront cost approach; project paid for via annual electric bill savings by reducing energy KW load.

5) Typical ROI payback period of 3 years for companies currently using High-intensity discharge (HID) with daily hourly operations of 12 hours or more.


 Metal-halide lamps and High Pressure Sodium lamps (HID) can be converted to an LED upgrade within days or less then a week or two.

Retail Exterior Parking Lot LED

LED technology provides uniform light. Illuminate entire parking lot with even distribution of light for increased security & safety to your customers.  

Showroom Interior LED

Bring out brilliant robust paint color of vehicles with high color rendering index, new 2x4 troffer retrofit and direct downlight and recess LED technology.

Parking Garage LED Savings

LED technology for parking garages includes  a high degree beam angle for even spread of light throughout the garage.  Eliminate shadowing and yellow orange light. 

Exterior Slim High Output LED

LED technology utilizes approximately 1/3 wattage of existing High intensity-discharge lamps (HID). LED technology has minimal annual diminishing factor compared to Metal-halide (HID).  All of our exterior LED carry a 10 year Manufacture Warranty.


 Typically 3 year payback on exterior LED UPGRADE. Replace existing (HID) Metal-halide fixtures with bright Crisp LED technology.

Industrial High Bay LED

Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities with existing high-bay Metal-halide lamps can be replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures  to provide improved uniform light and  saving energy costs by 60%.

Technologies offerings

Upgrade HVAC

Utility companies offer rebate incentives for upgrading HVAC systems, ask us for an energy audit assessment for an estimate cash rebate.

Wind turbine Technology

Ask us for the cutting edge renewable energy sources to reduce energy operating costs.  New Wind Turbine technologies are sweeping the country. 


Solar Panels PV

Mixed upgrade technologies can qualify for a no upfront cost funded program. Mixing Solar, LED, Wind Turbine, upgrade HVAC and Motor Controls can save operating costs by 50%

Electric Power Supply Customers have choices

Ensure the best market rate of retail power supply in deregulated States.  We can audit your electric bill market rate and provide best value market price from Mid American Services, Berkshire Hathaway Company. 

Share the big news; office retrofit LED replace T8

Interior office LED retrofit troffer reduce 4 lamp T8 fluorescent  wattage from 215  watts to 32 watts, 75% Savings.  Typically a 5 year ROI/payback. 100,000 hour lifespan, eliminate group lamping expense.  SEE 2 Minute Video below on this web page for ease of installation. 

Bright vibrant uniform LED Light versus shadowing yellowish HID

*Notice yellow orange shadowing light in back of facility with inefficient Metal-halide. We offer Interior LED choices from over 30 Manufactures for all applications, including warehouse, Manufacturing high bay, Office recessed LED, Down light LED. Troffer 2x4 LED retrofits, and all exterior applications. 

LED Troffer Retrofit Video

Check out this 2 minute installation video.

Remove your 215 watt 4 Lamp T8 office troffer and retrofit to a 32 watt LED.  Vastly improving to LED lighting technology.

Experience more than 75% Energy Savings Cost.

Check out this great video to retrofit fluorescent troffers to LED and save 75% energy costs.

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