Project Management

Project Management

Option 1: Provide existing lighting assessment and turnkey LED installation:

Starlight Energy Concepts will assign a Project Manager to each facility contracted for an LED light fixture replacement / retrofit installation.  The assigned Project Manager will manage the entire process from initial Energy Audit to final paperwork.

Project Management managed steps:

  1. Energy Audit, includes gathering all pertinent KW load usage and existing light fixture wattage study.
  2. Current electric bill analysis of annual kWh usage, daily hours of operation, kWh rate.
  3. Exterior and interior measurements, ceiling height & exterior pole height study.
  4. Existing foot candle readings and identify shadowing and dark areas.
  5. Google Earth review of facility and strategic planning via custom engineered photometric design.
  6. Provide proposal of project design, ROI, annual electric savings, utility incentive/rebate estimate.
  7. Offer no upfront cost approach and /or project cost and payback period for out of pocket expense.
  8. Place custom order with manufacture, ensure accessories, mounts and tracking of equipment order.
  9. Accuracy of all equipment at site upon delivery of product. 
  10. Electrical contractor on site safety training and customer safety requirements.
  11. Supervision and on site Project Management of Installation and completion of project.
  12. Documentation and process paperwork for utility incentive.
  13. Provide an independent engineering firm to audit project and provide necessary IRS required documents to maximize abandonment study benefits and 179D EPAct tax benefit.

Option 2: Comprehensive Energy Audit:

Starlight Energy Concepts / CGE  will assign an engineer study to analyze inefficiencies of electric load usage of equipment including: 

     Lighting wattage energy usage load.

      Motor controls and sensor study.

    Gas audit, HVAC, air compressor review.

      Boiler room analysis, water supply audit.

      Audit electric bill and compare retail supply of kWh electric rate and submit history and trend of power supply costs.  

      We can offer a proposal to design efficient alternatives with a no upfront cost, the project is paid for via electric savings over a period of years.  

     We can also review the opportunity to install renewable energy sources such has Solar PV and wind turbine if applicable and other renewable sources.

CGE Energy - No Upfront Cost Option

CGE Energy Announces New Chicago Office Generating Business

Posted on Wednesday, August 05, 2015 in NewsCGE Energy (currently trading as MKBY:OTCPink) has announced that as of July 30th, 2015, it has opened a dedicated sales office in Chicago, Illinois to further meet increasing business demand and to further expand CGE Energy’s comprehensive portfolio of energy solutions throughout the Midwest.Leveraging the sales experience and established relationships of Starlight Energy Concepts, this new Chicago location will now sell CGE Energy’s comprehensive products, programs and services under the CGE Energy brand. CGE Energy Chicago has salespeople targeting specific vertical markets segments and are securing energy projects, like saving Biondi Motors $216,495 in energy savings over the next 10 years.“We see a tremendous benefit for our customers and employees in becoming a part of the CGE Energy family,” said Tom Thompson, President of Starlight Energy Concepts, “We believe by offering CGE Energy’s programs, we are well positioned to capture a significant portion of the energy services market in Chicago.”The 1601 S. Canal Street location will act as Midwest hub and soon as a distribution location of its Cree® LED inventory. CGE Energy Chicago will act as a model for expanding CGE Energy’s presence to ten strategic locations in the next two years.CGE Energy’s energy solution engineering strengths, proprietary business models and distinctive manufacturer relationships play a big role in each project. “As we scale the business and trajectory of CGE Energy, the addition of the Chicago office will help us reach our goals even faster,” says Bryan Zaplitny, President/CEO of CGE Energy, “We have set aggressive sales targets, and the Chicago team has the track record to exceed them.”About CGE EnergyCGE Energy is the leading engineer of no capital cost energy solutions. Headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, the company integrates the optimal configuration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to meet their customers unique energy needs. Today the company serves customers in the U.S. and abroad, using energy technologies that include Cree® LED lighting, their patented WIND•e20® wind turbine and SolarWorld®solar generation. CGE Energy is now a publicly traded company and will trade under the ticker symbol MKBY:OTCPink until FINRA approval of symbol change. http://www.cgeenergy.comCertain statements made in this release constitute forward-looking statements and do not guarantee future performance. Actual results or developments may differ materially from the projections in the forward-looking statements. 

*LED upgrade, HVAC, Water & Gas efficiencies, can qualify for No Upfront Cost Solution Option.

*Renewables such as Solar PV and Wind Energy if applicable. 

*Annual reduced energy saves from utilites can fund project costs over a mutually agreed term.


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