Utility Savings & Energy Audit

Trade Ally

Starlight Energy Concepts LLC is a trade ally with many utilities across the U.S. including NIPSCO, ComED, Duke Energy, First Energy, Duquesne Light, Southern California Edison, to name a few.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Utility Companies charge businesses a fee on  electric bills to encourage new energy efficient products. We will analyze and qualify the specified equipment upgrade needed to take advantage of these Utility Energy Efficiency Programs.  

Qualified Certified lighting Products

Utility companies require DLC,  Product must be listed on the Design Lights TM Consortium,  Energy Star-Qualified, UL Standard certified products and many other specific certification requirements and guidelines to qualify for Incentive / rebates from Utility.  We ensure all requirements are obtained and process specification sheets and before and after paperwork for prompt incentive approval and rebate payment from Utility.

Utility Program Year Allocated Funds

We monitor Utility program year periods, ensuring availability of funds and accurate custom or prescriptive program guidelines.  We ensure rebate/incentive pre-approval paperwork processing and meet timely deadlines for final approval audit to ensure payment from Utility. 

Prompt Paperwork Processing

Most Utilities require pre approval application and necessary paperwork for fund allocation.  In addition final paperwork submittal and strict requirement guidelines procedure prior to release of incentive/rebate funds.  We ensure proper documents and final inspection for our customers to receive receive funds promptly.

Lighting & Renewable Energy

Most custom utility program rebates are based on kWh reduced.  At Starlight Energy we engineer and design photometric studies and choose best LED fixture application wattage to maximize light improvement while minimizing energy usage.  If applicable, we can utilize renewable energy sources.

Energy Audit

Option 1

Lighting Energy Audit includes an analysis of your utilities usage on electric bill, determine existing fixture wattage of metal-halide (HID) T12 or T8 fixtures.  Provide study of current foot candle measurement readings. Assess ceiling height, spacing of lights and floor plan study will allow us to determine best value LED solution.  We will also assess the exterior light fixtures, pole heights, and provide an engineered design of photometrics to improve uniform light distribution while reducing energy costs by 60%. OPTION 2 *A comprehensive energy audit includes a full energy assessment of  lighting, an evaluation of gas usage, water usage, air compressor study, HVAC & Refrigeration and motor & control systems.  We can engineer a full design approach to implement efficiency. Renewable Energy opportunities such as Solar PV, Wind turbine technologies are eligible to be installed for energy efficiency gains.  *Our comprehensive energy audit program can be purchased and installed with no upfront cost for project. This approach will be financed via the energy savings from your utility bill.  Terms are based on annual energy savings. 

Comprehensive Energy Audit

Option 2

 Starlight Energy Concepts / CGE  www.cgeenergy.com  will assign an engineer study to analyze inefficiencies of electric load usage of equipment including:      Lighting wattage energy usage load.      Motor controls and sensor study.    Gas audit, HVAC, air compressor review.      Boiler room analysis, water supply audit.      Audit electric bill and compare retail supply of kWh electric rate and submit history and trend of power supply costs.        

We can offer a proposal to design efficient alternatives with a no upfront cost, the project is paid for via electric savings over a period of years. We can also review the opportunity to install renewable energy sources such has Solar PV and wind turbine if applicable and other renewable sources.

Deregulated Map

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No Upfront Cost Program

CGE Energy Sustain Program (pdf)